South Cameron Teachers of Year

South Cameron High

Dammie Fontenot has been named South Cameron High School Teacher of the Year.

Fontenot has been teaching high school ELA for 12 years, 11 of which have been at South Cameron High School. As a young adult, she was a bit wishy-washy with her plans. She received her associate’s degree in Criminal Justice from Sowela Technical Community College, transferred to McNeese State University to study biological sciences, and then decided that none of that seemed right and all she knew was that she missed playing sports.

From there, she changed her major to Health and Human Performance Education and passed her Praxis to teach ELA, as well. Shortly after, she became a mother to the most beautiful and talented little girl, and decided that she didn’t want to miss out on any of her life, therefore, she never started coaching again.

Surprisingly though, she has enjoyed every minute of being a teacher! Well, most of them, at least … she has always taught 9th and 10th grade ELA, and now she is teaching 11th and 12th, as well. She is also the Yearbook Staff Advisor, one of the Performing Arts teachers, and a member of the Veterans Day Program team.

Fontenot said, “I truly believe that we have the best group of students here at South Cameron High School, as well as an amazing faculty and staff to work alongside. I may live in Lake Charles, but I’ve made my home here and have zero intentions of ever leaving my Tarpon Family!”

South Cameron Middle

Derinda Mouton has been named South Cameron Middle School Teacher of the Year.

Mouton is in her 20th year teaching and is working at her alma mater, South Cameron High School.

After getting her bachelor’s degree in 1995, she decided to go back to school in 2004 to teach special education. She began her career at Johnson Bayou High School and taught there for four wonderful years.

She learned so much from her fellow teachers there; they taught her ‘how to walk. She then moved to South Cameron and, almost 16 years later, she is still learning! She has worked with students from grades K-12th over the years, but is currently concentrating on middle school (4th-6th grade).

In addition to working with her students, she is on the School Leadership Team, PBIS, Student of the Year, and Testing Committee.

Mouton said, “My job is, hands down, guided by the most phenomenal administration and faculty. I would be ineffectual as a teacher without the ongoing and fruitful collaboration that goes on within the walls of this school. My students are so awesome! I am so proud to continue to be a Tarpon!”

South Cameron Elementary

Peggy Griffith has been named South Cameron Elementary School Teacher of the Year.

Griffith has been teaching at South Cameron High School for 23 years. She has been teaching ELA and Science in grades 4-6. In addition to her ten years in Texas, she taught 2nd grade all content and 4th-5th grade science and social studies. She received her Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Stephen F. Austin with a major in Reading and Science for grades 1-8th grade.

She also attended Angelinga Jr. College for her associate’s degree. She has served as a Teacher Leader for SCHS for eight years and PBIS content leader for 14 years.

Griffith said, “Her ongoing project for SCHS has been functioning as the committee chair for the Veterans Day Program for the past 15 years, which is a duty that I feel deeply about, providing a memorable experience for our local veterans. Plus, I have been faithful in exposing students to their environments, such as going to Rockefeller Refuge for the past 20 years. This enables students to understand what opportunities they have in their backyards. Our students and this parish are full of treasures you must explore.”