Gumbo cook-off winners announced

The 2023 Gumbo Cook-Off on Saturday, Jan. 14 event had 56 entries, the most thus far. South Cameron. South Cameron Alumni Association sponsored the event.

Winners are told by division. They are:


1st place – Hebert-Fontenot-Dinger

Wild Game Division

1st place – C’est Bon; 2nd place – The King’s Roux Krewe; 3rd place – Marshland.

Poultry Division

1st place – Hebert-Fontonot Dinger; 2nd place – Fast Trac; 3rd place – Grand View

Seafood Division

1st place – Justin Conner; 2nd place – Team Budweiser; 3rd place – Chenier Shrimp

LNG Seafood

1st place – Cheniere Roux Crew; 2nd place – VG Cest Bon; 3rd place – VG Roux-thless

LNG Wild Game

1st place – Cheniere Hot Pots; 2nd place – Cheniere Roux Dat; 3rd place – VG Eat Da Bone Mafia

LNG Poultry

1st place – VG Roux-thless; 2nd place – VG Eat Da Bone Mafia; 3rd place – Cheniere Boux Dat