GLES Library Millionaire Club

Grand Lake Elementary students Payton Brothers and Hudson Estay are members of the GLES Library Millionaire Club.

This school year, Payton read a total of 1,567,779 words in the Accelerated Reader program at GLES. Hudson Estay read a total of 1,392,876 words in the Accelerated Readers program at GLES! Both students earned the status of being members of the GLES library’s Millionaire Club for the 2021-22 school year.

Each student received $100 for reading over One Million words this school year. These awards would not have been possible without the generous donations of individuals that invest both their time and money into making Cameron Parish a wonderful place for our students.

Each of the following donated $100 to the GLES Millionaire Club: Grand Lake Elementary Administration, Ms. Lauren Cesar and Ms. Mika LeBert; Cameron Parish School Board Members, Ms. Robin Morales and Ms. Telesha Bertand; Cameron Parish Superintendent, Mr. Charley Lemons, and the Grand Lake Elementary Library.

This school year, GLES students read a total of 35,101,203!