Business guidance given by Cameron Police Jury

Submitted by Cyndi Sellers

Cameron Parish Police Jury implemented Tier 1 of our “Return to Normal Operations” action plan. Every entity has their own version of this plan but they followed our guidelines that are listed below.

These tiers differ from the “Phases of Re-Opening Cameron Parish” because the tiers are for entities getting their employees back to work. The “Phases” are for private businesses or Parish entities like recreation districts that have to reopen restaurants and/or gyms.

Cameron Parish is following the Governor’s Phases and will not be more restrictive than his. We have yet to release our Phase 1 Plan because the Governor has not released his for us to tailor to fit Cameron.

Tiers for Employees Returning to Work

Tier 1: Limit employees in office to 2 per department working 2 days per week on a rotating schedule with limited hours to allow for thorough sanitization

  1. Buildings closed to the public
  2. All employees required to wash their hands immediately upon entering the building & check temperature
  3. Assign employees to a bathroom stall/sink for use that day or one employee per equipment unit
  4. Common areas (kitchen/break rooms) will be closed to staff
  5. Limit passengers in parish vehicles to 1 employee per Parish vehicle
  6. Masks/glasses required in common areas or interaction with each other (such as bathrooms, kitchens, hall ways…..basically anywhere that is not your private office or equipment)
  7. Limit mail and banking errands to Mondays and Thursdays
  8. All employees will work remotely and/or “on call” when not required to report to work
  9. Limit non-essential travel

Will not progress to Tier 2 until the “Stay-At-Home” order expires and a downward trajectory of positive cases are reported within a 14 day period

Tier 2: Require all employees to report to work 4 days per week with limited hours

  1. Buildings remain closed to the public
  2. Employees still wash hands and conduct tempera- ture check immediately upon entering the building
  3. Bathroom stall/sink/equipment unit assignments remain
  4. Common areas remain closed
  5. Raise passengers limit in parish vehicles to 2 employees per Parish vehicle (one in front seat and one in back seat)
  6. Employees still need to wear masks/goggles anytime they are not sitting at their desk and/or if interacting with others closer than 6 feet
  7. Limit banking/mail errands still to Mondays & Thursdays
  8. All employees will work remotely and/or “on call” when not required to report to work
  9. Non-essential travel can resume

Will not progress to Tier 3 until the Parish reports no new cases for 14 consecutive days and there is a downward trajectory of COVID-like symptoms reported by parish employee within a 14-day period

Tier 3: Open buildings to the public and allow field workers to interact with the public

  1. Lift bathroom assignments
  2. Lift passenger restrictions in parish vehicles
  3. Allow mail/bank errands daily if needed
  4. Go back to normal operating hours and days and lift temperature check requirement