Third Thursday luncheon held recently

February’s Third Thursday Get-Together was held on Feb. 15, at T-Boys Cajun Grill in Grand Lake.

Those attending were: Myrna Conner, Sharon Furs, Dinah B. Landry, Barbara Conner, Lena Peloguin, Jackie Kelly, Gail Hunt, Debbie Theriot, Tommy Theriot, Elsie Theriot, Doug and Jeffra Wise DeViney, Rose Schlinger, Ida Broussard, Pat Sonnier, Ellen Arrant, Sue Haynie, Lynn LaBove, LeeAnna Caldwell, Suzanne Sturlese, Mike and Angie Styron, Lloyd Kelley, Mitch Kelly, Paulo Miller, Dana Trahan, Karen Mccall, David and Sue Reed, Sue Theriot, Theresa McCabe, Darrel Hebert, David Vincent, Floyd and Margaret Saltzman, Dewight Mhire, Margaret Shove, Jeanette Jacob, Mabel Ann Star, Bruce Star, Ray Allen Matt, Larry Lapoint, Ricky LaFosse, Hilda Domingue and care giver Wanda Guillory, T June Conner, Tammy Joe Miller, Sherry Broussard, James Duhon, Makayla Fontenot, and Tommie Ann Rountree.

Next month the luncheon will be held on Thursday, Mar. 21, at 11 a.m. at T-Boys Cajun Grill, 760 Hwy. 384, Lake Charles (Grand Lake). All are welcome; please bring a friend!