Third Thursday Luncheon held last week attended by 68 people

There were 68 persons who attended the 3rd Thursday Meet and Greet Luncheon held on Thursday, Jan. 18 at T-Boys Cajun Grill in Grand Lake.

Attending were: Myrna Conner, Barbara Conner, Rachel Watkins, Shirley Bonsall, Judy Guidry, Sharon Furs, Lena Miller Peloquin, Alice Guillory, Becky Landry, Debbie Theriot, Gail Hunt, Ruby Mhire, Robbie Dale Mhire, Ida Broussard, Rose Schlinger, Peggy Bonsall, Josie Boudreaux, Jackie Kelly, Mitch and Pam Kelly, Cory Kelly and Son Conner Bougores, Doug and Jeffra Wise DeViney, Jerome and Myra Rutherford, Kevin Rutherford, Theresa McCabe, Barbara Guillory, Glenda Oliver, Bobby and Linda Conner, Wayne and Suzanne Sturlese, Mickie and MaeAnn Hebert, Mike and Angie Styron, Claudia Savoie, Charlie McNeely, Lawrence and Dawn Mhire, Martha Conner, Fofo and Earline Mudd, Hilda Domingue and Wanda Guillory her care giver, LeeAnna Caldwell, MableAnn Star, Sue Theriot, Lloyd Kelly, Mary Willis, Terry Miller, Inez Miller, Chris and Angi LaFleur Theriot, Carloyn Primeaux, Beverly Thomas, Shirley B Primeaux, Clarence and Sheila Vidrine, Tommie Ann Rountree Crick, Chyrn LeDoux,, Richard LeDoux, J.T. Primeaux, B.J.Primeaux, Charmayne DeBartloe, Margaret Shove, and Alice Nunez.

February the 3rd Thursday will be on the 15th. Come one, come all and bring a guest or someone who does not drive.