Thanks to many who helped Rutherford Beach recover

By Bobby Miller

With 2021 coming to a close I would like to give a big “Thank You” to everyone who has helped Rutherford Beach limp back to life after being flattened on Aug. 27, 2020.

The east end of the beach looks really, really nice…best I have ever seen it actually. The west end of the beach still needs a lot of natural healing, along with hopefully some heavy equipment to remove hazards exposed by Hurricane Laura. Hopefully time will heal all.

Now for the thanks:

Cameron Parish Police Jury and Employees – clearing the roads, removing debris, removing what was left of the pavilion, providing trash cans, dumpsters, and portable toilets.

Beachfront Development District 2, aka the “Beach Board” – although results are yet to be seen, board members have been very busy behind the scenes. Public meetings have resumed (open to everyone), plans are well underway to rebuild the pavilion and the rinse-off showers.

Rockin’ Rutherford Group, Inc. Non-profit – thanks to the generosity of corporate sponsors, individual donations large and small, and everyone who participated in our fundraisers, we were able to achieve several goals. I have included a few pictures.

We purchased a large, heavy duty American flag to fly on event weekends, with the Memorial Weekend Celebration being the first event to have the flag flying overhead. Jeff Davis Electric Coop allowed us to use an existing power pole for a flagpole.

We were able to purchase materials and install six trash bag dispensers along the beach.

We were able to get the Rutherford Beach sign installed on Trosclair Road.

Against quite a few odds – initial lack of funding, supply chain issues (way before supply chain issues were all over the news), increased costs primarily associated with shipping, and finally rain on shoot day…alllll day – we pulled off a spectacular fireworks show, if I do say so myself.

Beachgoers – to everyone who picked up a piece of trash, pulled someone out who was stuck and didn’t know what they would do, let a newcomer reel in a big red, and just generally making Rutherford Beach a great place to be – Thank You!

Last but not least, a Special Thanks to everyone associated with returning the Rockin’ Rutherford Dance Log to its rightful place after being located 8 miles inland. An unbelievable story!