School Board members sworn in

By Jeffra Wise DeViney

Cameron Parish School Board met for their regular scheduled meeting on Monday, Jan. 9. Board members Joseph Delcambre and Marsha Trahan were absent.

Clerk of Court Susan Racca performed a swearing in ceremony for members that were present to include: newly elected board member, Vickie Kifle, District 5; Telesha Bertrand, District 3; Sheila Miller, District 4; Christi Labove, District 2; Sharon Picou, District 6 and Randall Faul, District 8.

Members that were absent will be officially sworn in next month.

Board officers were elected. They are Sharon Picou, President and Telesha Bertrand, Vice President.

The report highlighted details and updates for Cameron Parish School Board Administrative Building, which has reached completion, Audrey Memorial Buildings, Grand Lake High School campus, Hackberry High School campus, Johnson Bayou High School campus, and South Cameron High School campus.

A motion passed to adopt the 2022-23 Pupil Progression Plan Addendum/update to Bulletin 1566 as adopted by BESE at the October 2022 meeting.

The Cameron Lions Club members treated school board members to a reception after the meeting.