School Board meets June 10

By Jeffra Wise DeViney

The Cameron Parish School Board held their regular scheduled monthly meeting on Monday, June 10, at 510 Marshall St.

The meeting was ​called to order at 5 p.m.; the Prayer and Pledge were recited.

Motions passed to approve the agenda and the board minutes of the May 15, 2024 regular meeting of the Cameron Parish School Board.

Kathy Hayes presented ​Financial Issues – motions passed to approve Authorization for payment of the bills and Receive Financial Statement and Reports of Current Investments.

A vote was held by members to adopt millage rates for the tax year 2024 to same rate as the previous year; therefore, no increase.

​Roll Call Vote was held as follows:

Yays: Marsha Trahan, Mitchell Kelley, Vickie Kiffe, Sharon Picou and Randall Faulk.

Nays: none

Absent: Christi LaBove, Telesha Bertrand, and Joseph Delcambre.

Abstain: none

Mike Cassidy with the District Attorney’s Office went over necessary legal actions to consider.

Motion was made to Approve amended lease on Sec16-T12S-R11W with Jace Guidry and Ducks Unlimited subject to receipt of payments.

Motion was made to Approve the transfer of collected cultural materials to La. Division of Archeology.

Motion passed to approve revisions to Policy JCDA Student Code of Conduct and Policy JCDB Student Dress Code for 2024/2025, per annual Discipline Policy Review Committee meeting- presented by Supervisor Robert Gates

Meeting was adjourned.