Sabine Pass Lighthouse

Photo By Dennis Monk

Out of the marshlands in the extreme southwest corner of the “L”-shaped state of Louisiana, an abandoned brick tower points skyward. Eight buttresses flare out from the bottom of the structure, like the fins on a missile. As it rises, the octagonal tower gradually tapers to a conical dome, which completes the image of a rocket poised for liftoff. The proximity of Houston’s Space Center might add further to the credibility of the picture, but closer examination reveals that this monolith is fortunate to be standing, let alone flying.

Roughly one mile east of the Sabine River, Lighthouse Road leads south through Cheniere property for roughly four miles from Highway 82 to Sabine Pass Lighthouse. The road is gated and only accessible in dry conditions. To obtain permission to visit the lighthouse and/or obtain the official Sabine Pass stamp for your passport, visit the Johnson Bayou Library at 4586 Gulf Beach Highway in Cameron, Louisiana. Please donate at least $1 when obtaining your Sabine Pass Stamp. The library is seventeen miles east of the access to the Cheniere property. Upon arriving at the Cheniere property, proceed to the guard house and let them know you are there to see the lighthouse and that you have received the gate code from the library. After passing the guard house, keep driving straight until you reach the gate where you need to enter the code. Once you pass that gate, it is just a touch over two miles until you reach a hard right turn right at the canal and a great view of the light.

To view the lighthouse from across Sabine Pass, take Highway 87 south from Port Arthur to the town of Sabine Pass. When the highway makes a right in town, continue straight on Dowling Road, which will take you to Sabine Pass Battleground State Park, from where you can see the lighthouse.

The lighthouse is owned by Cameron Parish. Nearby grounds open, tower closed.


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Visit or Call Johnson Bayou Library

4586 Gulf Beach Hwy. Cameron, LA

Phone: (337) 569-2892