Police Jury meets October 13

By Jeffra DeViney

Cameron Parish Police Jury met in regular session on Thursday, Oct. 13. Several political candidates, that are making a bid in the November 8th election, addressed the jurors. They were: Hunter Lundy, candidate for Governor; Judge Guy Bradberry, candidate for Court of Appeal; and Mike Francis, Public Service Commission – District 4.

A vote that was scheduled on redistricting maps was tabled after many made public comments to receive more information as well as many written comments had been submitted.

Each juror was given an opportunity to express their views on the subject as well as those of their constituents with the consensus being that more public meetings should be held on whether to do a five or eight district map.

Last month jurors had voted 5-3 for the 8-district map during September’s meeting. Another series of Town Hall meetings will be scheduled and announced to be held across the parish.

Notices about the meetings will once again be published in Cameron Parish Pilot, the official legal journal as well as announced on the Police Jury Facebook page.

The Cameron Parish Police Jury meetings can now be followed on their official Facebook page to see the full meetings each month.

In the voting meeting the following appointments were made:

  • Gravity Drainage District No. 7 – Russell Badon, reappointed
  • Recreation District No. 7 – Lindsey Fontenot, reappointed
  • Recreation District No. 9 – Cathy Richard, reappointed
  • Sweetlake-Grand Lake Cemetery Board – Jim Paul Dupont, reappointed
  • Waterworks District No. – Bobbie Lane Trahan, appointed
  • Waterworks District No. 11 – Grace Robideaux, reappointed
  • Waterworks District No. 16 – Clifford Broussard, reappointed
  • Waterworks District No. 16 – Darrell Hebert, reappointed
  • Gravity Drainage District No. 5 – Karl Nunez resigned; Susie Fawvor appointed.
  • Waterworks District No. 7 – Robin Morales’ term expired and the position was tabled.
  • Recreation District No. 6 – Chris Hebert moved out of parish. Edie Higgins was appointed.
  • Recreation District No. 6 – Appointed Jessica Skipper to open seat.

Authority was given to purchase 0.6173 acre, Lake side Boat Launch in Klondyke in the amount of $94,200 as well as to purchase 20+ acres of land at Cameron Dump, Cameron in the amount of $56,000.