Police Jury meets June 3

By Jeffra Wise DeViney

The Cameron Parish Police Jury met for their regular voting session On Monday, June 3. at the conclusion of the morning agenda meeting in the Cameron Parish Police Jury West Annex – Board Room, 148 Smith Circle in Cameron.

All jurors were present.

The meeting was called to order and the Pledge of Allegiance/Prayer were conducted.

There was no Executive Session as well as no public comments.

Motion was carried to Adopt May 2024 meeting minutes and adopt approval of add-ons to the agenda, (Item 26)

Motion to recognize having a 5 member board instead of a 7 member board for Recreation District No. 6 per Revised Statue 33:4564

Motions Passed

Motion passed to Approve Other Permits as listed below:

Cameron Parish Police Jury – Grand Chenier, Price Lake Road, (South Grand Chenier Marsh Creation – Baker Tract (ME-32); proposed project funded by CWPPRA and designed by NRCS to dredge sediment from the Gulf of Mexico, approx. 1,824,094 for creating and restoring approx. 466 acres of wetlands to provide a buffer against hurricanes and storm surge for the local community and infrastructure.), Cameron Parish. (240601)

Venture Global LNG, Inc. – Cameron, 464 Davis Road, (proposed soil stabilization of 104 upland acres of previously developed 13.0 Henry Storage Yard on east bank of Calcasieu Pass Loop for expansion of parking lot, material storage and equipment staging facilities for CP2 LNG terminal.), Cameron Parish. (240602)

Curtis Beckham – Big Lake, 435 Miguel St., (proposed to construct 90’ of bulkhead with a 300’ x 6’ wharf leading to a covered 30’ x 30’ boathouse with 14 x 30 open deck attached to boathouse, 12 x 26 boat slip and 9 x 12 storage room. Backfilling of approx. 100 cubic yards of fill material behind bulkhead.), Cameron Parish. (240603)

Martin Operating Partnership, L.P. – Klondike, 2254 S. Talens Landing Rd., (Marti Dock 193) Maintenance Dredging; proposed dredging of existing slips for the continued safe operation of the existing facility. Approx. 5,000 yds of material will be dredged to authorized depths of -13.5’ MLW/-12.5’ MHW and place onsite, the total area of maintenance dredging is approx. 1.0 acre.), Cameron Parish. (240604)

EC Offshore Properties, Inc. – Grand Chenier, North side of Highway 82, (proposed Grand Chenier Terminal for oil and gas production. Project consists of covering existing pipelines with permanent board mats, excavate two 70’ trenches, install oil loadout lines, backfill with temporary spoil, grade and fill 1.39 acre site with 561 cubic yards of limestone, install production equipment, storage tanks, metal containment wall, compression skids, office building, pipe rack and flare.), Cameron Parish. (240605)

Motion passed for authority to amend Chapter 2 Administration:

Proposed Amendments to Chapter 2 Administration

Change to Add

Article IV – Acadiana Watershed District articipation

An Ordinance authorizing participation in the Acadiana Watershed District, as codified by Louisiana Act 323. The Acadiana Watershed District shall be domiciled in Lafayette Parish as a central location within the boundaries of the Acadiana Watershed District. Cameron Parish designates the Acadiana Planning Commission as the office of the Acadiana Watershed District’s business operations and as the public fiscal agent and administering body to conduct daily operations as stat3ed in Louisiana Act 323. Cameron Parish will assist in adopting the administrative steps to establish the Acadiana Watershed District Board of Commissioners and the bylaws of the District.

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