OEP holds annual preparedness meeting

By Dinah Landry

The Cameron Parish Police Jury meeting room was the scene of the Cameron Parish OEP annual meeting conducted by OEP Director Danny LaVergne. The annual meeting brings parish leaders together to discuss hurricane evacuation plans in various areas of the parish.

Doug Cramer with the National Weather Service addressed the group and presented a power point presentation on how hurricanes are formed, the forecasting of 2024 hurricane season, and the differences between El Nino and La Nino. The forecast for 2024 is 23 named storms, 11 hurricanes and 5-7 major hurricanes. He encouraged people to be alert starting now and have an evacuation plan early. Miami Hurricane Specialists use models without errors to make predictions based on many variables.

Warm water in the oceans and the gulf aide’s hurricanes in their developments and destinations. A major concern this year is rapid intensification as the hurricanes heads for shore.

Monitoring by the National Weather Service begins 7 to 10 days out with a final decision on evacuations within 48 hours of potential landfall. Residents should be ready and have already started moving extra items, especially campers and horse trailers. When the winds reach 35 mph, the local ferry and pontoon bridges are shut down. Be sure to have your photo id when you depart as you will need it to return following the hurricane event.

Director LaVergne stated that after the landfall, when the residents are able to return for a look and leave, it may be 72 hours before help in the form of supplies would be available. Generators and fuel for operations of parish entities will be available after 72 hours.

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