New assessor elected, millages pass

By Cyndi Sellers

Cameron Parish voters were fairly evenly divided on choosing a new assessor, but Interim Assessor Scott Lavergne narrowly defeated David Conner in the Mar. 20 special election. Lavergne drew 733 votes, or 52 percent over Conner’s 671 votes, or 48 percent. Voter turnout was 26 percent.

Several tax millage renewals were also on the ballot, and all passed.

The parish wide Mosquito Abatement District’s 10 mill tax was renewed with an 85 percent yes vote, or 1162 votes. Nay votes were 15 percent, or 200 votes.

Fire District 14 approved a 5.7 mill tax renewal by a vote of 629 to 132, or 83 percent to 17 percent.

Fire District 15 approved their 8.16 renewal by a vote of 28 to 6, or 82 percent to 18 percent, with a voter turnout of 23.3 percent.

Water and Wastewater District #1 voters renewed the 9.4 mill tax by a vote of 35 to 17, or 67 percent to 33 percent. Voter turnout was 14.6 percent in that district.

Waterworks District 11 voted to renew their 5.7 mill tax by a vote of 608 to 147, or 81 percent to 19 percent.