Marshall to Marshall relief efforts

By Cyndi Sellers

Over the past four weeks many, many groups and individuals have rallied to collect and deliver donations of needed supplies to Cameron Parish.

Cameron Parish Sheriff Ron Johnson recently shared this story of one such group:

The Cameron Sheriff’s Office received a delivery of generators, chainsaws, and other needed supplies a couple of weeks ago. The truckload of donations was collected by the Marshall County, Kentucky, Sheriff’s Office in a donation drive titled “Marshall to Marshall,” referring to the county and the main street of Cameron’s parish seat.

Marshall County Sheriff Eddie McGuire and a team of drivers drove straight through to meet Cameron Parish Sheriff Ron Johnson in Grand Lake on Saturday, Sept. 5, received heartfelt thanks and exchanged keys to the parish and county, then turned around and drove straight back so they could be at work on time.

Then, on Tuesday of this week, the group returned to Cameron Parish with another load of donated generators. They arrived at 6:30 a.m. and were fed a breakfast of omelets and biscuits cooked by Sheriff Johnson, Dispatch Supervisor Bessie Fountain, and helpers. Then they turned around and headed home again.