‘Leaving only footprints in sand’ cleanup held

By Susan Boudreaux

On Saturday, Apr. 22, the Rockin’ Rutherford Group sponsored “Leaving Only Our Footprints in the Sand”, a beach cleanup held during the Louisiana statewide Love The Boot Week Campaign. Twenty-seven volunteers covered five miles and picked up 93 – 33 gallon trashbags and other large items including bicycle frame, buckets, rope, chairs, crates, drain hose, sign post, and a truck running board.

Visitors who frequent the beach have been doing a great job of cleaning up after themselves and others on the East side. Unfortunately since the last two storms the west side is not easily accessible past the old cattle guard. So we drove our volunteers down about three miles in utility vehicles and they worked their way back.

The scavenger hunt had six teams participating. The winning team was Jade Stroud, Rylee, Remi and their father, State Representative Ryan Bourriaque. Two couples camping on the beach also joined in, one from Stilwell, Okla. and the other from Web Lake, Wis. Other volunteers included students from South Cameron and Grand Lake, local citizens, and Venture Global LNG employees.

The most unusual find that requires some investigating for those curious minds is a waterproof case holding a set of keys and a credit card. Also a piece of driftwood found in the shape of a boot.