If your name appears on the list below, your voter registration status is inactive because your registration address was not able to be verified by your parish registrar of voters during the annual canvass or correspondence sent to the address on file has been returned undeliverable. If your residential address or the address where you receive mail has changed from the address used when you registered to vote or last changed your voter registration record, please update your residential address on your voter registration record online at www.GeauxVote.com. You may also change it by mail or in person at your parish registrar of voters.
If you have not changed your address, you are currently eligible to vote but will be required to confirm your address when voting. If you do not confirm your address and you do not vote in any election between the time your name was added to the list and the day after the second regularly scheduled general election for federal office held after such date, your name may be removed from the voter registration list.
A list of inactive voters is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week online at www.GeauxVote.com.
—— Big Lake ——
Barber, Garrett Edward, 11261 Hwy 384
Bellow, Brandon Michael, 124B Bessies Rd
Boyd, Archie Lee, 11261 Hwy 384
Boyd, Cheryl Lynn, 11261 Hwy 384
Clawson, Kyle L, 324 Big Lake St
Green, Chester J, 165 Delaney Rd
Green, Rachel Brewer, 165 Delaney Rd
Hankin, Sylvia K, 131 East Harbor Dr
Holland, Jacqueline Marie, 151 Holland Rd
Holland, Stephen Donald, 151 Holland Rd
Hudson, Sonny Cole, 117 Bank St
Kelemen, Keith, 107 Brady St
Kittrell, Anna Primeaux, 510 Big Pasture Rd
Meche, Allyson F, 141 Sandpiper Ln
Meche, Kenneth Wayne, 141 Sandpiper Ln
Racca, Elizabeth Ann, 124 Bessies Rd
Rodriguez, Perfecto R, 641 Big Pasture Rd
Shields, Brent Joseph, 162 Sam Daigle Rd
Stoppel, Russell Arthur, 879 Big Pasture Rd
Wheat, Dawn Christine, 360 Miguel St
Wheat, Lori E, 360 Miguel St
—— Cameron ——
Authement, Mrs Theresa A, 141 Ada St
Brown, Henry J, 107 Pine St
Carriere, Sheila C, 120 H Picou Rd
Debarge, Timothy Curt, 139 Iris St
Doxey, Melinda Ann, 171 Ellen St
Fountain, Troy D, 168 Lillian St
Gates Jr, Thomas J, 146 N Abraham St
Guillot, Charlene M, 129 Bonsall St
Guillot, Darwin D, 129 Bonsall St
Hebert, Calvin D, 133 Iris St
Hicks, Johnny Lee, 1633 Marshall St
Johnson, Dwight Delaney, 117 Lillian St
Juarez, Daniel, 131 School St
Kirkman, Rayman Lee, 121 S Abraham St
Lasalle, Shirley, 135 Lasalle Rd
Lawson, Jonathan Clay, 149 Amoco Rd
Manuel, Shon D, 149 Amoco Rd
McKelvey, Jessica Rachelle, 142 Mildred St #7
Poe, Jessica Marie, 129 School St
Porche, Teressa J, 301 Gayle St
Pradia, Dan H, 1367 Marshall St
Pradia, Monique G, 1367 Marshall St
Reese, George Daniel, 142 Mildred St #9
Reese, Irene Yvonne, 142 Mildred St #LOT 9
Richard, John Russell, 292 Ridgecrest Rd
Roberson, Tracy G, 121 Rogers Ln
Smith, Dwinelen Maria, 146 N Abraham St
Sullivan, Alton Lee, 1365 Marshall St
Swire, Patricia, 125 Adam Roux St
Wilson, Rhonda S, 104 Rogers Ln
—— Creole ——
Bartie, Michael G, 2339 Trosclair Rd
Boudreaux, Lana K, 731 Little Chenier Rd
Burke, Mark Allen, 126 Shannon Ln
Clark IV, Cecil William, 143 Joe Rutherford Rd
Clark, Tanya Michelle, 143 Joe Rutherford Rd
Conner, Lancey P, 935 E Creole Hwy
Doucette, Megan Elizabeth, 2863 Little Chenier Rd
Doxey, William Claude, 369 Jimmy Savoie Rd
Johannes, Dewey E, 111 Warren Rd
Johnson, Christine E, 2475 Trosclair Rd
Jones Sr, Brian Keith, 2221 Trosclair Rd
Jorden III, Robert Thomas, 675 Little Chenier Rd
Lasserre, Lynn Kenneth, 2863 Little Chenier Rd
Montie, Phyllis Kay, 4617 W Creole Hwy
Moon, John Michael, 169 Mallard Ln
Mudd, Marcus Chase, 176 Mudd Rd
Palmer, Wayne O, 169 Chad Ln
Pinch, Aaron Paul, 464 E Creole Hwy
Pugh, Cody James, 118 Ozema Rd
Pugh, Heather Lynette, 118 Ozema Rd
Richard, Kobi James, 120 Richard Rd
Richard, Staffon Scott, 1413 Little Chenier Rd
Smith, Brian Anthony, 6387 W Creole Hwy
Travis, Lydia Ann, 150 Ben Ln
Vincent, Cody Lance, 491 Little Chenier Rd
—— Grand Chenier ——
January, Latrall P, 106 Miller Ave
Norris, Bennie Frank, 235 Vincent Rd
Pinch, Casi Cheramie, 2769 Grand Chenier Hwy
Pinch, Norma J, 2769 Grand Chenier Hwy
Richard, Brett Patrick, 3483 Grand Chenier Hwy
Scott, Lynda F, 599 Bonsall Rd
Selman II, William Winsyl, 5510 Grand Chenier Hwy
Selman, Christine Cherry, 5510 Grand Chenier Hwy
—— Grand Lake ——
Abshire, Jerrie Lynn, 119 Mallard Ln
Abshire, Troy Leven, 119 Mallard Ln
Alexander, Jacob Evans, 173 Vincent Rd
Alsdurf, Matthew Daniel, 173 Vincent Rd
Benoit, Jendi S, 1544 Hwy 384
Benoit, Travis W, 1544 Hwy 384
Bertrand, Terry Lynn, 113 Borne Ln
Billiot, Jake Kendall, 1471 Hwy 384 #12
Bono, Jenny Lyn, 970 Hwy 384
Bono, Steven Russell, 970 Hwy 384
Boogren, Diana Rose, 135 Donna Rd
Boudreaux, Tiffany Rachelle, 1482 Hwy 384
Burr, Jake Phillip, 310 Granger Ln
Burr, Jana Elise Barrow, 310 Granger Ln
Carter, Chad Le Obryant, 200 Zachary Ln
Chance, Dawna Anne, 1376 Hwy 384
Choates, Nadia Alexis, 1151 Parish Line Rd
Coffey Jr, Louis Gilbert, 126 Kathy Rd
Deshotel, Jeremy Chad, 118 Country Ln
Deshotel, Rhonda Lannin, 118 Country Ln
Dowden, Jennifer Irene, 139 Donna Rd
Fholer, Jeffery Wayne, 110 Beau Chemin
Granger, Jacob Dakota, 10269 Gulf Hwy
Graver, Daniel I, 200 Zachary Ln
Guillory, Laura Ashley, 113 Borne Ln
Harris, Tyshon Lanelle, 156 Donna Rd
Holliman, Laverna, 146 Long Acre Dr #14
Keighley, Stephen, 130 Belle Savane
Labove, Steven Girard, 178 Granger Ln
Luciani, Morris, 136 Donna Rd
Mason, Joelle K, 106 Michael Ln
Matteson, Steve, 127 Belle Savane
Miller, Alexis Nicole, 177 David Ln
Miller, Cody Paul, 104 Donna Rd
Miller, Jody P, 104 Donna Rd
Miller, Natasha Lee, 104 Donna Rd
Mitchell, Christopher Blayne, 173 David Ln
Mudd, Estella M, 105 Tans Rd
Nugent, Michelle Roseanne, 118 Zachary Ln
Nunez, Casey Adam, 156 Demarest Rd
Richard, Jonathan Cody Wesley, 1081 Hwy 384
Richard, Mark Alfred, 169 Demarest Rd
Schiele, Natasha Oglesby, 107 Kathy Rd
Schwind, Selena Newton, 117 Summer Ln
Shinault, Leanna Talvo, 184 Vincent Rd
Thomas, Angela Michele, 196 Vincent Rd
Thompson, Matthew Tyler, 10340 Gulf Hwy
Trevino, Crystal D, 110 Zachary Ln
Trevino, Gilbert Lamont, 110 Zachary Ln
White, Kenneth Andrew, 195 Vincent Rd
Woods, Kristen Nicole, 139 T Johns Rd
—— Hackberry ——
Bourque, Bridget Decarla, 269 Channelview Dr
Bourque, Paul Gerard, 269 Channelview Dr
Brown, Cade Evan, 226 Hicks Rd
Chenault, Mary E, 1365 Horseshoe Ln
Constance Jr, James Wilson, 382 W Main St
Dean, Loretta Douette, 130 Gulfway Dr
Dennis, Carissa Devall, 297 Amoco Rd
Dennis, Charles P, 297 Amoco Rd
Deville, Joe Ann W, 176 Riggs Dr
Dominguez, Brandi, 1460 School St
East, Drew James, 155 Amoco Rd
Ford, Jessica Kristine, 179 Magnolia Rd
Fountain, William Roy, 148 Main St
Hitchcock, Jeorge Eugene, 231 Alladin Rd
Jinks, Beth Hall, 480 Everett Vincent Dr
Kershaw, Lucy Ann, 158 Main St
Kibodeaux, Barbara L, 133 Main St
Kitchens, Derek James, 259 Pete Seay Cir
Labauve, Reuben Wade, 186 Devall Rd
Labove, Mrs Joe A, 221 Round Tree Ln
Lamb, Teresa Lynn, 488 W Main St
Little, Mrs Susie, 251 Round Tree Ln
Lyons, Sarah Elizabeth, 541 Lake Breeze Rd
Martin, Althea Marie, 137 Alvin Guidry Cir
Mitchell, Bruce Delano, 140 Welch Dr #B
Moore, Nickalus Wade, 165 Arthur Ln
Morales, Michael Joseph, 491 Old Town Rd
Moses, Krystal Cedars, 124 Bryant Cir
Okelley, Elizabeth J, 320 Main St
Parker, Hunter Lynn, 144 Sam Breaux Rd
Ponthier, Crystal Gail, 299 Hicks Rd
Raffield, Marla Reed, 118 Colligan Ln
Raffield, Maygan Paige, 118 Colligan Ln
Rigdon Jr, James Lester, 690 Main St
Robinson II, William Thomas, 566 Lake Breeze Rd
Rodriguez, Daniel Lee, 1230 Main St
Rucker, Christopher Willon, 186 Hannah Hardin Rd
Simanovicki, Julianie Vasilie, 756 Benjamin Ln
Simon, Mystie Lynn, 130 Bryant Cir
Simon, Rodney L, 139 Jim Gray Rd
Smith, Anna Beth, 250 Cooper Ann Ln
Taylor, Heather Amber, 510 Old Town Rd
Terrell, Kimberly White, 353 Lake Breeze Rd
Thompson, Charles Dean, 126 Ellender Ln
Thompson, Melissa Anne, 126 Ellender Ln
Touchet, Kerry D, 119 Deltra Hardin Rd
Vaughan, Janice Smith, 222 Pierce Mitchell Ln
Welke, Mark S, 1295 School St
White, John Eric, 151 Welch Dr
Williams, Richard Paul, 259 Pete Seay Cir
—— Holly Beach ——
Elwell, William Patrick, 307 Morgan Blvd #5
Keels, Marshall Ray, 2248 Heron St
—— Johnson Bayou ——
Bell, Mary H, 174 Kathy Dr
Clay, Jarine Marie, 6400 Gulf Beach Hwy #11
Courtney, Rachel Katherine, 110 Sea Bright Ave
Crader, Wesley Joseph, 6434 Gulf Beach Hwy
Dales, Debra Boykin, 107 Youngs Rd #48
Doucet, Jerry L, 5202 Gulf Beach Hwy
Genna, Philip Joseph, 122 Beach Blvd
Hebert, Presley J, 221 Buds Ln
Manning, Kandace Brooke, 6514 Gulf Beach Hwy
Manning, Michael Donald, 6514 Gulf Beach Hwy
Noble, Glenn William, 5868 Gulf Beach Hwy #LOT D3
Peavy, Margaret J, 256 Richard Ln
Ramsey, William Hill, 179 Seaward Ave
Robertson, Kimberly, 200 Bills Ln
Romero, Terry Lugene, 118 Seaward Ave
Schmulling, Franz Josef Alber, 6676 Gulf Beach Hwy
Sherer, Robert Anthony, 243 Smith Ridge Rd
Stanley, Preston Scott, 241 Buds Ln
Trahan, Darrell G, 6873 Gulf Beach Hwy
Trahan, Nancy P, 6873 Gulf Beach Hwy
White, Claude Lamar, 5834 Gulf Beach Hwy
White, Kelley Renee, 5834 Gulf Beach Hwy
—— Klondike ——
Benoit Jr, Michael Wayne, 1959 S Talen Landing Rd
Boudreaux, Cassy Briana, 313 N Talen Landing Rd
Conner Jr, Earl Martin, 590 Iowa Ave
David, Carol Ann, 1100 Hwy 717
Johnson, Irene B, 204 Specklebelly Rd #A
Vincent, Rebecca Ann, 477 Roy B Rd
Vincent, Shelby Dean, 477 Roy B Rd
Weekly, Keith W, 190 Weekly Rd
—— Lowry ——
Mellott, Cynthia Maria, 169 Myers Landing Rd
—— Sweetlake ——
Aguillard, Taylor Renee, 110 Nunez Rd
Alexander, Kimberly Payne, 125 Teal Ln
Babineaux, Betty Faye, 126 Shirley Dr
Batts, Paul W, 136 Nunez Rd
Broussard, Jess Aron Miller, 152 Mhires Ln
Broussard, Yvonne M O’blanc, 117 Wilton Young Rd
Cormier, Stuart Blane, 353 Arceneaux Rd
Doucet, Jeremy Dan, 10092 Fournerat Rd
Fitkin, Jacqueline V, 160 Teal Ln
Hackler, Joshua Barry, 183 John Duhon Rd
Heuring, Kelly Renee, 1805 Hwy 384
Heuring, Mitchell Scot, 1805 Hwy 384
Ledoux, Stephanie H, 1330 Pine Pasture Rd
Nunez, Chase Joshua, 142 Dennis Ln
Nunez, Chauntelle J’nae, 104 Mott Rd
Nunez, Donna F, 104 Mott Rd
Quinn, Dixie Desonier, 156 Quinn Ln
Robertson, James Bryan, 421 W Precht Rd
Sperry, Suzanne Price, 181 Mhires Ln
Stevens, Halie Elizabeth, 769 Grangerville Rd
RUN: July 30 (Jy 25)