Johnson Bayou Students of Year

Eighth Grade

Duncan Young is Johnson Bayou’s 8th Grade Representative for Student of the Year.

He has been a resident of Johnson Bayou since the day he was born. His passions include basketball, hunting, and playing Fortnite with his friends. Young has consistently maintained honor roll in all of his classes. He spends most of his free time at the Johnson Bayou Recreation Center where he often practices his basketball skills with his friends.

He was also chosen to represent Johnson Bayou at the Junior National Young Leaders Conference and he is currently writing a short novel during the month of November for his creative writing class. Young is an intelligent young man who has high aspirations for his future and his career.

Fifth Grade

Aidyn Russell is Johnson Bayou High School’s 5th Grade Student of the Year.

He was born in Tallahassee, Fla. He spent the first eight years travelling with his construction based family. He lived in four different states before settling down in Louisiana. He is fond of our small town, good old Johnson Bayou

Russell has been an A/B Honor Roll student since kindergarten and continues to excel academically. He has won numerous awards, including being inducted into the Gallery of Champions for respect in 2020, and student of the month in 2022. With moving to Johnson Bayou, he found his passion for basketball and often spends his free time at the recreation center perfecting his skills. You can also catch him behind his playstation controller with his friends. Russell is kind, compassionate, and smart. To know him is to love him.