Jetty Pier, jetties damaged after storms

By Cyndi Sellers

Recent drone footage taken by a fisherman in the Calcasieu Ship Channel revealed the extent of hurricane damage to the Jetty Pier Park and the East Jetty itself. While the grounds of the park seem to be extensively scoured, the buildings themselves seem largely intact. At least the roofs are all there. Only the covered walkway between the restrooms and the pavilion is missing.

Cameron Parish Administrator Katie Armentor said the Parish hasn’t decided what to do about repairing the park facilities. “We are waiting on insurance claims to be settled before making a decision,” she said. “It will be presented and debated in a public meeting, though.” The park is no longer accessible to the public by road, but a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with Venture Global LNG required the company to provide a water taxi to the pier from the new boat launch being built on Davis Road. The company’s plans for the boat launch, RV park, marina and restaurant are moving forward.

The drone footage also revealed two large holes in the East Jetty, where huge slabs of granite were washed away. It is a stunning image of the power of storm surge. Cameron Parish Port Director Claire Marceaux contacted the US Army Corps of Engineers for comment, and SWLA Regional Manager Tracy Falk responded: “The east jetties were indeed damaged during Hurricane Laura, and further damaged during Hurricane Delta. We are looking to award a contract over the Summer of 2021 to repair the damages caused by the hurricane, funds permitting.”