Have your mobile home paperwork double checked

Are you, or someone you know, in the process of purchasing a mobile home? Or have you already purchased one?

Double check the numbers on your paperwork and give the Clerk of Court or our Assessor a call. They want to make sure you were NOT (or are not) over charged on sales tax! As you know, Cameron Parish only pays 4.45% on sales tax, BUT there is another 46% deduction. The DA, Assessor, and Clerk of Court are all working together to ensure Cameron Parish residents are not taken advantage of. Thankfully they just gave us a call to double check ours (which was done correctly), but asked us to help spread the word.

Call the Clerk of Court -with Purchase Agreement in hand – and ask to speak with Susan Racca at 337-775-5316 or call Cameron Parish Assessors office and speak with Scott Lavergne at 337-775-5568, 337-775-5416 or 337-309-2924.

They will pull up your permit and help get you a reimbursement IF your numbers were not done correctly. They have already started helping people and want to make sure no one is paying more than necessary.