Grand opening, ribbon cutting at Kelly Cloud Memorial Substation

Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Substation in Hackberry held a Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting on Wednesday, Sept. 20. The newly remodeled building has been named the Kelly Cloud Memorial Substation.

Cloud joined the Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Office in 2013 as a volunteer. He worked diligently and even attended the Reserve Academy at night to achieve his post certification. During the day he was the Hackberry Waterboard Superintendent. He was well respected in the community as a contributor and a hard worker. Once he was given the life saving medal by the Sheriff’s Office for successfully giving CPR to a victim and keeping them alive until medical personal arrived.

He had a witty sense of humor. He was arresting an intoxicated male suspect and the suspect was angry telling Cloud that he would have his job for this. Cloud very quietly told the man I’m a volunteer (click click went the cuffs). The man just deflated like a balloon.

He was so well thought of in Hackberry that Detective Alexander asked Sheriff Johnson if they could name the remodeled substation the Kelly Cloud Memorial Substation. What a wonderful idea. And so it was so named.

Cloud passed away on Dec. 1, 2020, due to COVID-19.