Gift card program reopens March 1

In support of the residents and businesses faced with repairing and rebuilding structures in Cameron Parish, the Cameron Lions Club has allocated $150,000 in donated recovery funds to provide Stine Home & Yard gift cards to qualifying residents, keeping the funding in hard hit Southwest Louisiana and with a business that offers a wide array of materials and supplies.

To increase the impact of this program, Stine Home & Yard has donated an additional $16,667 in gift cards, making it possible for the Lions Club and Cameron Parish Resilience to provide $150 gift cards to 1,111 Cameron Parish residents.

Gift card distribution began in the parish on Jan. 26 and the application process will continue in the future. The application process will re-open on Tuesday, Mar. 1 for the next round of gift cards to be awarded. Cameron Parish residents and property owners may apply for the gift cards between Mar. 1 and Apr. 15 at the Cameron Parish Revitalization website: . Residents are limited to one gift card per pre-Laura physical address per award period.

Funds allocated to this endeavor were donated to the Cameron Lions Club by Bluewater Constructors, Cameron LNG, Commonwealth LNG, Emerson Isolation Valves, GE Oil & Gas/Baker Hughes, Kiewit, Sempra Energy, Stine Home & Yard, TC Energy, Venture Global LNG and Weeks Marine.

The mission of Cameron Parish Resilience is to provide long-term recovery through collaborative leadership for a sustainable and resilient Cameron Parish.

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