COVID-19 numbers rise

By Cyndi Sellers

Cameron Parish COVID-19 numbers continue to rise, from 125 cumulative cases on July 20 to 157 cases on July 27. On Wednesday it was 158. The cumulative two-week incidence rate for July 2-15 was 487.94 per 100,000, in the high category.

The percent of positive tests had declined, but is now back up. It went from 27.8 percent the first week of July to 14.2 percent the second week, then up to 28.9 the third week. The percentage is high by national standards, and higher than Calcasieu, New Orleans, or Baton Rouge. The rate of testing in SWLA has dropped in the past three weeks.

State maps show the majority of cases on the east side of the parish, concentrated in the Grand Lake and Creole areas. However, at least one person from the west side has reportedly been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported in Cameron Parish.

Daily COVID-19 updates and statistics can be found on the state website