Cameron LNG receives perfect record award

Cameron LNG has received the Perfect Record Award from the National Safety Council in recognition of the more than 89 million hours worked without a lost-time incident during construction and transition to operations. This is a world-class achievement by industry standards.

Sempra LNG’s mission is being North America’s premier LNG infrastructure company and Cameron LNG is a great example of a premier facility. Thanks to the foundational components of its safety program – leadership, commitment, and a culture of caring, plus a behavior-based safety approach – Cameron LNG was able to bring the facility to full commercial operations with an outstanding safety record and without a single case of onsite transmission of COVID-19.

Cameron LNG’s safety story demonstrates how the impossible is made possible when the health, safety and security of the workforce, customers and communities is at the center of everything. That’s the Sempra LNG way.

“We are delighted with the outstanding safety performance of the Cameron LNG team. At Sempra Energy and Sempra LNG, nothing makes us prouder than no one getting hurt,” said Lisa Glatch, president and chief operating officer of Sempra LNG and board chair for Cameron LNG. “When leadership demonstrates care for the workforce, the workforce cares not just about themselves, but also about the person next to them, and that is how seemingly impossible safety outcomes are made possible.”

Building on Cameron LNG’s success, Sempra LNG has strategically transferred key safety personnel to implement these safety principles and programs at our Port Arthur LNG and ECA LNG projects in development. Sempra LNG also continues to grow and strengthen its Health Security, Safety and Environment organization, which is comprised of personnel with more than 130 years of combined safety experience from best-in-class companies.