Cameron Council on Aging history recalled by Wolfe

By Tina Wolfe

On Jan. 22, 1976, the Articles of Incorporation for the Cameron Council On Aging were signed into action under Governor Edwin W. Edwards, State Representative Conway LeBleu, and State Senator Jesse M. Knowles.

The week of Sept 13, 1976 the Cameron Council On Aging was presented with its first operating grant by Ivan Arceneaux, director of the Imperial Calcasieu Regional Planning and Development Commission, and Arthur Hendrix, director of Aging for the Commission, presented the check to Charles Broussard, chairman of the Cameron Parish Council On Aging. The Cameron Council On Aging was located in Room 302 of the Cameron Courthouse. The first service that was given was the Homemaker Service.

Although there were a few Interim Coordinators, it was the thoughtfulness and diligence, of the young and upcoming Director Dinah Nunez Landry, that made a significant impact not only in the community but in the parish as a whole. If not for the determination of this individual by sacrificing her time and unfailing presence at the State Capitol, where would our parish be and how would our elderly be treated.

The founding Board Members of the Incorporation of the Cameron Council On Aging are as follows: Mr. Charles Broussard, President, of Big Lake; Mrs. Mary LeBleu, Vice-President, of Big Lake; Mr. Ellis McWhirter, Secretary-Treasurer, of Creole; Mr. Vernon Jinks, of Hackberry; Mrs. Stanley McCormick, of Johnson Bayou; Mr. Rodolph Nunez, of Hackberry; Mr. Elray LaSalle, of Cameron; Mrs. Emma Nunez, of Grand Chenier; Mrs. Lillie Harrison, of Grand Chenier; Mrs. Agnes Nash, of Grand Chenier; Mrs. Victoria Daigle, of Cameron; and Mrs. Violet Rutherford, of Johnson Bayou.

On Saturday, Jan. 22, we celebrated 46 years of service to Cameron Parish. We could not have made it this far without the support from our Parish and State Officials, our Citizens, but mostly our Seniors.

A very special thanks, of past and present, to the individuals and their families for making a difference in our Parish of Cameron. We went from the 3rd floor of the Courthouse with one desk, one phone, one filing cabinet, one determined individual acting as interim director to a 40+ year Executive Director, 16 personnel on staff, a transportation fleet of nine, and our very own building. If that doesn’t speak perseverance, than I don’t know what does. We are forever grateful for this because of our Senior Citizens!