Cameron Community Action Agency

By Dinah Landry

The Cameron Community Action Agency collects data on the needs of persons residing in the parish. The agency works to try to meet these needs if possible. With the reduction in food stamps and the upcoming new laws about food stamp usage, the agency does have a food pantry. The food pantry is not set up to supply food items on a regular basis (ex. Every day or every week or even every month.) It is set up to supply food items when the need is critical.

We keep such things as dry beans, powdered milk, canned vegetables, canned fruit, rice, canned meat, and shelf stable meals on hand to help residents out. There are no cold items such as meat, milk, eggs, etc. As grants become available the agency can expand their food supply. We depend on donations from other organizations or other people to keep the supplies at a good level. If you need the service, you can visit the Cameron Community Action Agency at 965 Hwy 384 in Grand Lake and complete an application. Once approved a food box will be prepared for you.

If you need assistance with your utility bill, please contact the office at 337-905-6000. Ask for Sherry or Elva. The water program assistance is now closed by the state of Louisiana. It was only open for a few months. You must bring in the documentation needed to complete the utility application. The utility company receives the funds directly from the state to credit your account if you are approved. No money is given to you.

The process takes two weeks or more to complete. If you have a disconnect notice, the agency can help you using Crisis Funding if you qualify. You must reside in Cameron Parish to receive these services. Each parish has their own allocation and their own office to call for applying.

The Cameron Council on Aging Public Transit program works in conjunction with the Cameron Community Action Agency. The transit program provides transportation to any resident. The trip must be planned. We need to know at least 24 hours in advance and in some cases 48 hours if the days are weekends. Please call John or Rusty on 337-905-6000 and request the service. You must provide information to set up the trip. Please contact the doctor or others you have an appointment with to verify the date and the time and assure the appointment is still scheduled before you call for a ride. There is no charge for the rides. All small children must be in a car seat. Masks must be worn while in vehicles.

Please let the dispatcher know each stop you must make. This is necessary to plan the total trip for the day. Do not attempt to use the transit system like an ambulance. If you are extremely sick and need a doctor, please call the ambulance in your area. The drivers for the transit program are not medically trained.

The agency continues to collect data on needs in the parish. If you have a particular need that is not addressed, please text message Dinah Landry at 337-532-3030 and we will work on resolving the issues if possible.

The Cameron Community Action Agency sponsors the Head Start program in two areas of the parish. There are two classrooms in Grand Lake and one classroom in Hackberry. The program enrolls 3, 4- and 5-year-old children who are residents of Cameron Parish. Please contact JoAnn Daigle or Shelia Authement at 337-762-3979 or 337-802-9291 for more information on enrollment processes.

Children receive breakfast, a noon meal, and an afternoon snack. The program focuses on getting the child ready for public school. This includes dental, medical, dietary, and emotional needs.