Big Lake fire updates

By Dinah Landry

Day 2 of the Big Lake Fire began with a cry for help from a local gentleman who had already cut a large fire lane around his property. The goal was to keep the fire from crossing his property and attacking the property on the other side which would involve many homes and keep the fire off of an active well.

Three fire trucks and 15 firemen were dispatched to the area. The landowner was there to assist as well. Hoses were pulled from two different fire trucks to douse the flames. The firemen backburned in the pasture to stop progress and it worked. In a fire as huge as this one there will always be a spot that will possibly reignite. After six active hours or firefighting the volunteer firemen were extremely exhausted and left the site knowing that a return was possible.

Day 3 of the Big Lake Fire: The fire rekindled itself with the help of a strong wind and began to threaten an active well on the property off Family Road. Once again, the firemen went into action to remove the danger and the fire. Three fire trucks and ten firemen were dispatched to the scene. Firemen pulled over 150 feet of hose into a marshland that was loaded with mosquitos and ash. They used pike poles to put out small fires from large pieces of wood that contained live flames. They made sure the surrounding land around the well was burnt and only smoking and no live fire was in sight. After five hours of firefighting, the volunteer firefighters left the scene, exhausted, mosquito bitten, and anticipating how long it would be before they were back in action.