42 volunteers left “Nothin’ But Footprints” after beach cleanup

By Susan Boudreaux

Rockin’ Rutherford Group participated in the third annual Love The Boot Cleanup Week. Their event name: Nothin’ But Footprints in the Sand has participated since its conception. A week of statewide litter clean up, beautification, and recycling as part of the Keep Louisiana Beautiful.

On Saturday, Apr. 20, 42 volunteers picked up trash at Rutherford Beach from 8 a.m. until noon over a distance of 4 1/2 miles. 52 42-gallon bags of trash plus 18 large items that could not fit in bags were picked up. Examples of large items consisted of a microwave, commode, lavatory, electric motor, pipe metal and PVC.

Volunteers also participated in a Scavenger Hunt where they were given a designated bag to put items in that were on the list of 32 items to be found. The list consisted of items that are usually dangerous to marine life plus many other fun items. Team Winners were given a Cash Award – 1st, Jolie, Andre and Brian Richard and Kennedy Fontenot; 2nd, Luke and Annie Etie; 3rd, Tina Payne and Susan Boudreaux; 4th, Jodie Roberts. Children were given gifts, choice of Kites or Beach Towels. Lighthouse Bend brought Koozies and Ball Caps to be handed out. All volunteers were treated to Pizza, bottled water and cold drinks.