2024-The year of happiness

By Dinah Landry

Happy New Year Folks! Wishing you a wonderful 2024! I know we have all our ducks in a row and are swinging in to 2024 with a smiling face and a gentle laugh. Those that have been sick are getting better and those that are in need, have found their way to a generous person. When you wake up with a great attitude somehow it guides you through the day with happy thoughts and excited to give away smiles.

If you have looked at the news recently, you know we have a lot to be happy and thankful about. We have great friends and family to share holidays with, great food to feast on (too much), great people to share conversations with, great organizations to help us out and a great God to be thankful to!

In foreign countries they have war, crime, abductions, murders and the total lack of food and medications. While we pray for these countries, our heart goes out to them, especially the elderly and the children, we do what we can do to help them. But we have those in need right here in the good ole’ USA. It is our job to help our fellow countrymen!

But it is also their job to help themselves. Job openings are on every street corner (some businesses have closed due to the lack of workers). The Council on Aging can bring you to work free of charge and you don’t have to be elderly. Let’s all try to take one step forward and none backward during 2024.

Last week’s Cameron Pilot featured photos of Jolly Old St. Nick and those attending the monthly get together at T-Boy’s in Grand Lake. The smiles on those faces told how happy these folks are to see each other once a month. It is a wonderful meeting with lunch and sharing stories of long ago.

I encourage you to attend every third Thursday at 11 a.m. Hats off to Shirley Bonsall for all the work she has done in starting this and to keep up this special day. Thanks to Sharon Furs for helping. You will get to see many Cameron Parish residents who had to move after the hurricanes! They will put a smile on your face for sure!

If you are having trouble being happy, just pick up the phone and call someone who can lift your spirits or if you can, go visit them. Go shopping (or window shopping) where the friendly people are. Sit outside and watch the birds and other wildlife as they go about their day! If you have kittens, you are in a real treat, they fight with blades of grass and insects and each other! Find your happy place and retreat there when you need a pick me up!

It is easy to be happy around the holidays but as we all get back to normal, sometimes we get droopy and down. Focus on staying happy, really happy, not fake happy! You smile and share it with someone else who may be depressed. Reach out and love someone!

So begin the year with a smile and like the old saying “Be Happy”!