2023 Fishing Festival winners

The 19th Annual Cameron Fishing Festival was held Friday and Saturday, Aug. 4-5, at Lighthouse Bend Complex on David Rd. in Cameron.

Winners are told here by division, species place, name and weight:

Bay Division – Adult

Outstanding Bay Division Adult Angler: Porter Rogers

Sheephead: 1st, Derek Matirne, 4.2; 2nd, Derek Matirne, 3.88; 3rd, Carl Broussard, 3.82.

Garfish: 1st, Bryan Hebert, 50.68; 2nd, John Canik, 47.44; 3rd, Bethany Hebert, 42.90.

Croaker: 1st, Porter Rogers, 1.0; 2nd, Kellie McKoin, .84; 3rd, Porter Rogers, .58.

Speckled Trout: Porter Rogers, 4.24; 2nd, Chris Mahoney, 2.86; 3rd, Derek Matirne, 2.50.

Black Drum: 1st, Lisa Shank, 42.78; 2nd, Porter Rogers, 31.68; 3rd, Mysti Kelly, 30.16.

Flounder: 1st, Christa LeBoeuf, 2.96; 2nd, Kohen Dugas, 2.80; 3rd, Blackie Huvall, 1.74.

Redfish: 1st, Donna Selman, 33.12; 2nd, Christa LeBoeuf, 32.90; 3rd, Deklan Daughdrill, 29.28.

Gafftop Catfish: 1st, Jason Cobb, 5.52; 2nd, Riley Poston, 5,54; 3rd, Deklan Daughdrill, 5.10.

Bay Division – Junior

Outstanding Bay Division Junior Angler: Dallas Rogers

Redfish: 1st, Brianna Doxey, 31.30; 2nd, Blaiden Trahan, 30.76; 3rd, Dallas Rogers, 30.32.

Speckled Trout: 1st, Christin LeBoeuf, 1.60; 2nd, Jace LeBoeuf, 1.54; 3rd, Brant Savoie, 1.26.

Black Drum: 1st, Ayson Doxey, 39.60; 2nd, James Perkins, 35.62; 3rd, Christin LeBoeuf, 29.42.

Flounder: 1st, Dallas Rogers, 2.86; 2nd, Kohen Dugas, 2.80; 3rd, Christin LeBoeuf, 1.78.

Croaker, 1st, Dallas Rogers, 1.96; 2nd, Hayden Smith, 1.10; 3rd, Hayden Smith, 1.02.

Gafftop Catfish: 1st, Brant Savoie, 5.52; 2nd, Deklan Daughdrill, 5.10; 3rd, Dallas Rogers, 5.00.

Sheephead: 1st, Cam Higgins, 4.56; 2nd, Cayleigh Debarge, 3.70; 3rd, Dallas Rogers, 2.76.

Garfish: 1st, Grady Richard, 62.66; 2nd, Brant Savoie, 46.80; 3rd, Deklan Daughdrill, 42.66.

Largest Hardhead Catfish (5) Stringer: 1st, Brant Savoie, 7.68.

Offshore Division

Outstanding Offshore Division: Rig Donkey

Spanish Mackerel: 1st, Grand Finale II, 2.46; 2nd, MP2, .78.

Dolphin: 1st, Rig Donkey, 14.8; 2nd, Salty Johnson, 8.46, 3rd, Charlotte Rose, 5.0

Barracuda: 1st, Salty Johnson, 34.66; 2nd, Rig Donkey, 28.34, 3rd, Rig Donkey, 11.00.

Jacks Crevalle: 1st, MP2, 26.56; 2nd, Bandit, 22.84.

Cobia-Ling: 1st, Salty Johnson, 29.56; 2nd, MP2, 22.64; 3rd, Rig Donkey, 21.42.

Bluefish: 1st, MP2, 1.64.

Triggerfish: 1st, Charlotte Rose, .12.

Mangrove Snapper: 1st, Rig Donkey, 7.5; 2nd, Rig Donkey, 7.06; 3rd, Rig Donkey, 2.44

Spadefish: 1st, Rig Donkey, 2.40; 2nd, Burning Daylight, 2.16; 3rd, Burning Daylight, 1.72

Grouper: 1st, Salty Johnson, maxed out, 105; 2nd, Rig Donkey, 59.48; 3rd, Charlotte Rose, 33.70

Amberjack: 1st, Charlotte Rose, 91.78; 2nd, Charlotte Rose, 78.26, 3rd, Charlotte Rose, 70.00.