Voter turnout better than expected

By Cyndi Sellers

Everyone knew the voter turnout would be big, but the unofficial numbers are even better than expected. In Cameron Parish, even after two devastating hurricanes in recent weeks, 4,038 qualified voters, 74.8 percent, cast ballots either in person or by mail in the Presidential election.

On Tuesday, poll commissioners huddled in coats and hats inside huge generator-powered tents at the Grand Lake and Creole mega-sites as voters made the trek from wherever they have been living. Commissioners were heard to say, “Thank you for voting!”

And just like 2016, Cameron Parish voters overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump for the nation’s highest office. The President led the Democratic challenger Joe Biden 91% – 8% here, with the unofficial tally 3,670-324. The other 1% of votes went to an assortment of other candidates.

Similarly, Republican incumbent senator Bill Cassidy carried Cameron Parish by 87% against a large field of challengers, and incumbent Republican congressman Clay Higgins drew 90% of the Cameron Parish vote. Their vote totals were 3411 and 3,454 respectively.

Complete but unofficial statewide results show Donald Trump carrying Louisiana by 58% to Joe Biden’s 40%, with a voter turnout of 69.4%. Bill Cassidy was re-elected to the Senate with 59% of the vote, and Clay Higgins was re-elected to the 3rd Congressional District seat with a majority of 68%, all challengers having conceded.

Local Races: New District Attorney

Cameron Parish has a new District Attorney. Former Assistant District Attorney Tom Barrett III defeated incumbent DA Jennifer Jones by a 69% – 31% margin, 2678-1209. It is the first time an incumbent District Attorney has been unseated in Parish history.

Voters in Ward 5, Johnson Bayou, elected Glenn Trahan as Constable with 53% of the vote to opponent Tammy Erbelding’s 47%. The vote was 132-115.
Sports wagering will be allowed in Cameron Parish once rules have been formulated. Voters approved the measure 61% – 39%, or 2,316-1490.


Cameron Parish voters supported Constitutional Amendments 1, 2, 3, 6, and 7. CA 1, declaring there is no right to and no funding of abortion in the Louisiana Constitution, was favored by 80% of parish voters. CA 2, allowing the fair market value of oil and gas to be considered in the value of an oil or gas well, drew 54% of the vote. CA 3, amending the use of the budget stabilization (rainy day) fund, squeaked ahead with 51% of the local vote. CA 6, increasing the limit for homestead exemption, passed in Cameron parish with 64%. CA 7, creating the Unclaimed Property Permanent Trust Fund, drew 62%.

Amendment 4, limiting the expenditure limit for the State General Fund, was opposed by 54% of Cameron Parish voters, and Amendment 5, which would have allowed Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) agreements between manufacturers and local governments was opposed by 60% locally.

Statewide results agreed with Cameron Parish on all amendments, approving 1, 2, 3, 6, and 7, and defeating 4 and 5.