Several recognized at school board meeting

By Jeffra Wise DeViney

Cameron Parish School Board met at 510 Marshall St., in Cameron on Wednesday, May 15, at 5 p.m.
School Board Members in attendance were: Marsha Trahan, District 1; Christi LaBove, District 2; Mitchell Kelley, District 4; Vickie Kiffe, District 4; and Sharon Picou, President, District 6. School Board Members who were absent included: Telesha Bertrand, District 3; Joseph Delcambre, District 7; and Randall Faulk, District 8.

The meeting was called to order. The prayer and pledge were conducted.

Motion passed to approve the agenda.

Recognition was conducted for the following and certificates of recognition were given by each school to those in attendance (see photos).

Student/Teacher/Principal of the year Parish level

State Champions and State Runner Ups from the State Track meet

Motion passed to approve board minutes of the Apr. 15, regular meeting of the Cameron Parish School Board.

Financial issues were reviewed with Mrs. Kathy Hayes and motion passed to authorize payment of the bills.

Motions passed on the following items to take the necessary action with the District Attorney’s Office: approval of servitude agreement with JDEC; and granting access to property regarding proposed soil boring and cone penetration testing locations for CPRA CS-87B project

Since it was too late to join litigation, motion was passed by all Board Members in attendance to support adoption of Title IX changes – final ruling in support of protection of female athletes. Superintendent Charley Lemons said, “this is what is right for our students, although he is about equality… it is morally right for our children.”

Motion passed ​to approve projected personnel positions for the 2024-25 school year per CPSB Policy GBB.

Motion passed to authorize the Superintendent to advertise and fill open positions for the 2024-25 school year.

After review of 2023-24 school calendar revision due to bank day balance, motion was passed to allow students to be released on May 21.

All Board Members went into Executive Session for the purpose of discussion of Evaluation of the Superintendent. After session was held it was unanimous to give Superintendent Charley Lemons an Excellent Rating for the Evaluation. Lemons articulated that he enjoyed working with everyone and appreciated the open lines of communication that they all maintained. He did request the board review his contract to coincide with running May to May. The Board made a motion that passed to grant his contract beginning in May for the next two years.

Meeting was adjourned.