School Board tells meals, distance learning plans

Governor John Bel Edwards announced last week that Louisiana public school campuses will remain closed for the remainder of this school year due to the continuing threat of COVID-19 infection. Tuesday, Apr. 28 will be the last day for school meal pick-up at the five sites around the parish.

Beginning in May, weekly packages providing three meals plus a snack per day, per child age 18 and under, for five days will be delivered to families who sign up for the service. Registration information is on the Cameron Parish School System website.

Regarding grades and promotions for the unfinished school year, Supt. Charley Lemons sent out this statement:

As per guidance from the LDOE, we have been instructed to implement a grading policy that will be used for the graduating class of 2020 and K-11 students. The purpose of the policy will be to complete student grades for the 2019-20 school year in a timely manner in order to consider promotion/retention of all students. Listed below are steps and guidelines that have been put in place for calculating the grades.

  1. The 1st and 2nd 9 weeks will obviously stay as is because those were not affected by COVID-19.
  2. The 3rd 9 weeks ended on Mar. 13 and grades were completed by teachers.
  3. Regarding the 4th 9 weeks, we will duplicate the highest earned grade from one of 1st three 9 weeks. (Ex. In math, Susie made a 95 the 1st 9 weeks, a 78 the 2nd 9 weeks, and an 84 the 3rd 9 weeks. For the 4th 9 weeks, Susie will receive a 95.) This method will ensure that every child will receive a grade that is reflective of their greatest/best effort during the school year.
  4. School officials will be contacting the parents or guardians of students who will need additional credit/grades/intervention in order to be promoted. They will provide information and instruction on how that will work.
  5. School officials will also be contacting the parents or guardians of students who will not be promoted due to their academic status. The student will have to repeat that course/grade in order to receive credit.

Distance Learning to be Offered

Students have had the opportunity to check out a chrome book for their academic use during the closure. Cameron Parish Schools will offer another opportunity during the coming days to check one out if they have not already done so. Distance learning plans have been compiled to help children continue to grow academical- ly during this time.

Guidelines are:

  1. The purpose of both the online and paper based packets will be to provide continuous educational opportunities and practice for students while schools are closed.
  2. During the school closure, teachers may choose to provide distance learning assignments through online and/or paper based packets.
  3. Lessons will be assigned weekly. Lessons will be provided through Google Classroom, Zoom, etc. for those with technology access. Technology-free (paper based packets) alternative lessons/assignments will be available for pick-up at each school site.
  4. Assignments will not reflect negatively on the student’s academic record, but will hopefully continue to allow them to grow in their grade level while addressing some key concepts and standards.
  5. Online assignments may be monitored by the teacher. Although not required, the teacher may provide some feedback to students regarding their work.
  6. Students will be provided ample time to complete assignments.
  7. Paper based packets will not be collected due to the possibility of contamination and the spreading of the virus. The packets will be strictly for students to work on in their own regard.
  8. Completion of distance learning assignments will be mandatory for all students needing to earn credit for promotion or retention.
  9. These CPSB distance learning opportunities will take place from May 4-28.

“Our goal in the coming weeks will be to provide additional educational opportunities and practice for students while schools are closed, but also to eliminate as much stress as feasibly possible for students, parents, and teachers,” Lemons said. “While it is our responsibility to continue to educate our children, we also want to compassionately take into consideration the variety of difficulties that our families and employees are enduring during this time.”