School Board meets Monday, Oct. 10

By Jeffra DeViney

Cameron Parish School Board met on Monday, Oct. 10 for their regularly scheduled meeting.

LSU Cameron Extension Office Agents, Kevin Savoie and Bradley Pousson, gave an annual report to the members (highlights to be printed in a later issue of the Pilot). Savoie explained they are in the permitting phase for an Oyster Park. In the report, graphs depicted price ranges for shrimp being in bad decline and actually a state of collapse. He reinterated that shrimpers are getting about half the revenues of 1980 in comparison due to large numbers of shrimp imports coming in and driving prices down.

There has been more production per capita, but increased fuel prices have not helped the situation.
Pousson told the board that for the first time in two years, due to hurricane damages, 4-H’ers have gotten to attend camp. It’s also the first year in two years that they have been back on LSU campus to attend 4-H Short course with 18 students attending.

Cameron Parish has the highest average of retention in the state on keeping youth in the program and engaged.

The JCDB Student Dress Code was revisited and approved by the Board to allow wearing of blue jean skirts since blue jeans were added to the dress code this year.

Out-of-state travel was granted to the following:

Grand Lake High School Honor Society students to travel to Houston to learn about cultures; out-of-state travel was granted to students to attend National FFA Convention; and also to Hackberry High School Student Council representatives to attend Southern Assoc. of Student Leadership Conference, who will travel with Sulphur and Starks High School groups.

A motion was made to go forward with putting the Cameron Parish School Board building back out for bid, located at 510 Marshall Street, Cameron.

Superintendent Charley Lemons told Board members that they had recently met with FEMA representatives face-to-face and got some questions answered and he hopes some questions may get answered on how to resolve some issues.

The November meeting will be moved to Monday, Nov. 7. instead of Nov. 14 due to a conflict in Lemons’ schedule.