School board meeting held

By Jeffra Wise DeViney

Cameron Parish School Board met for their monthly meeting at 510 Marshall St. in Cameron on Monday, Mar. 18.

School Board Members in attendance were: Marsha Trahan, District 1; Christi LaBove, District 2; Mitchel Kelly, District 4; Vickie Kiffe, District 5; Telesha Bertrand, District 3; Sharon Picou, District 6; and Randall Faulk, District 8. School Board Member Joseph Delcambre, District 7 was absent.

The meeting was called to order at 5:03 p.m After the Prayer and Pledge, motions were carried to approve the agenda as well as approve the board minutes of the Feb. 5, 2024 regular meeting.

Kevin Savoie, Agent SW Region LSU Ag Center introduced the new Cameron Parish 4-H Agent, Michelle Trosclair Conner.

Motion carried for authorization of payment of the bills as presented by Mrs. Kathy Hayes. Additionally, she went over Financial Statement and Reports of Current Investments.

Motion was carried to take necessary action and accept the only bid offered as presented by Mr. Cassidy of the District Attorney Office for the BP Johnson Bayou Property at a minimum bid of $3,900,000 (the appraised amount) with a possibility of additional acreage, also reserving the subsurface rights.

Motion was carried to approve policies to align with the 2023 Louisiana Legislative Session as presented in last meeting.

Motion passed to approve South Cameron High School 3rd and 4th grade students to travel to the Children’s Museum, Beaumont, Texas for field trip on Monday, May 13, to be transported by school bus.

Motion passed to approve for South Cameron High School BETA Students who qualified to travel to Savannah, Ga. from June 10-12, for the National BETA Convention to travel by personal vehicles.

Motion carried to provide funding of $500 per student for students to attend FFA Washington Leadership Conference June 16-23, for four Hackberry High School Students and July 9-13, for three South Cameron High School Students.

Motion carried to approve the annual continued employment resolution pursuant to ACT 745 of 1977 Louisiana Legislature providing that a support and substitute employee shall have the same probability for employment after the 2022 summer vacation period or another holiday, as the support and substitute employee had prior to the beginning of the vacation period.