SCFD signs $1.34 mil MOU with Venture Global CP2, LNG

By Logan Manuel, Asst. Fire Chief South Cameron Fire Dept.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) requires Venture Global CP2LNG, to develop a cost-sharing plan identifying the mechanisms for funding all project-specific security /emergency management costs that would be imposed on state and local agencies.

Venture Global committed and obligated the following amounts for project-specific goals of South Cameron Fire Dept.

June 23, 2023 – At execution of the Memorandum of Understanding

1. A $60,000 obligation was put towards radio communications for SCFD.

2. A $200,000 obligation was put towards “LNG Spill Control and Fire Suppression” training at the Emergency Services Training Institute at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas for all SCFD personnel.

3. A $100,000 obligation was put towards any additional training needs of the SCFD.
Upon CP2 LNG’s achievement of its “Final Investment Decision”

1. A $350,000 obligation towards a “burn building” for the training of staff and volunteers in fire suppression and emergency rescue.

2. A $400,000 obligation to engineer, purchase, and install a new permanent training facility in Creole, LA.

3. A $230,000 obligation towards the purchase of a new Firefighting Marsh Machine.

When considering the needs of the SCFD, we considered the burden of high insurance rates throughout Cameron Parish. We hope to implement these commitments and in turn help to lower residents fire insurance ratings.

SCFD received $30,000 worth of Kenwood Portable Radios as part of this MOU and plan to implement these for Daily and Emergency Operations.

SCFD also received a new delivery of Brand-New Bunker Gear to keep our members safe on an emergency scene.