Police Jury sets election date for Assessor

The Cameron Parish Police Jury monthly meetings will return to the West Annex in Cameron this Friday, Nov. 13, with an agenda meeting at 10 a.m., a Board of Review at 12:30 p.m., a budget meeting at 1 p.m., and the regular voting meeting at 2 p.m. The Parish administration staff plans to return to the West Annex full time once power and internet are restored.

A special election has been called for Mar. 20 to elect a parish assessor, following the death of assessor-elect Darrell Williams who was to have taken office in January. Appointment of an interim Assessor will likely take place at the January Police Jury meeting. Tax elections for the Mosquito Abatement District, Water and Wastewater District #1, and Waterworks District # 11 are on the voting agenda to be added to the special election ballot.

Shoreline protection is an ongoing priority for the parish. Jurors will consider accepting the Long Beach shoreline protection project as substantially complete and adding a $696,700 extension to the Rockefeller Refuge project.

Also on the voting agenda are several hurricane-related permits including two debris disposal sites, displaced materials recovery, repairs to well sites, and “proposed unauthorized activities” and “proposed unintentional unauthorized impacts.” Gravity Drainage District #4, Creole, proposes maintenance dredging of 9,610 feet of drainage lateral.

At the agenda meeting, a proposal for the Parish to assume maintenance of private roads in the Anglers Bay community will be discussed, along with debris removal. The Board of Review will consider a tax protest by Kinetica Partners LLC and accept the 2020 tax roll.