Police Jury holds April meeting via teleconference

By Cyndi Sellers

The Cameron Parish Police Jury held its April meetings in a closed setting, with three jurors present via teleconference, as provided by the Governor’s March 17 and 22 proclamation limiting public gatherings to no more than 10 people. The press was invited to listen to the meeting via teleconference, and the public was invited to provide comments in advance, and no add-on agenda items were allowed. The five jurors and three staff members present wee spaced a safe distance from each other during the meeting.

After considerable discussion, the Jury voted to accept a proposal and execute a contract for the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway Berm Project. Several jurors expressed concerns about the project, saying that it would not help local landowners because entrances to the Big Burn would still exist and no protection is being offered for the banks west of the Gibbstown Bridge. Staff members said that this approval only allows a study of the proposed project, which would determine whether the project is feasible and cost beneficial. If it does not show a positive benefit it won’t go forward, they said.

The Cameron Fisheries pneumatic ice conveyor system was accepted as substantially complete, with some minor electrical work still being finished. Darrell Williams said the operator is on site working to have the facility open for the start of shrimp season.

Jurors issued a resolution asking the Louisiana DOTD to expedite funding and construction of a replacement ferry for the Cameron II, which is scheduled to go into dry dock April 30.

It was reported that all Public Works employees have ben told to stay home, at least until sufficient protective equipment and supplies have been secures to make them safe. In the meantime, no grass is being cut, and some constituents have questioned this action. Juror Joe Dupont said he has heard positive comments about the Jury’s keeping the employees safe. Office staff are working from home as much as possible.