Notice from Water and Wastewater District #1

In the near future, if you are planning to move back to Cameron as a resident, business or re-opening your RV park, be aware of the water availability and let your renters know that the water will be cut off daily in the late evening and won’t be turned back on until the early morning. There are no set times.

RV park owners, tell your renters to have their fresh water tanks full as a back-up for when the water is off line. Due to Hurricanes Laura and Delta, we have limited working generators to supply water full time.

Removal of DebrisE

Demolition crews and or residents, do not push debris on top of our water meters. This will slow down the progress of getting your water back on in order for you to make repairs to your lines on your property.

The location of each meter is marked with a Blue flag. Help us to be able to help you!

If there are any questions, concerns or comments, call our board vice president, Tammy Peshoff, at 337-540-9514.