The Cameron Parish Waterworks District No. 10 met in regular session at the Waterworks office located at 6246 Gulf Beach Hwy. in Johnson Bayou on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, at 5:30 p.m. Members present by roll call were Mrs. Connie Trahan, Mr. Kent Carlson, Mr. Nathan Griffith, and Mr. Mark Young. Members absent were none. Employees attending were Rhonda Morrison, Carl Trahan, and Aaron Jinks. Guest attending were none.
It was moved by Mr. Griffith to call the meeting to order.
The pledge was said by all present and the prayer was led by Mr. Griffith.
Public Comment period was given on all agenda items.
It was moved by Mrs. Trahan, seconded by Mr. Young and carried to accept the September minutes as read.
Plans for erosion control at the newly acquired property was discussed. Rhonda will get with Parish officials and the District Attorney for assistance.
The annual testing of the backflow preventors was discussed. Rhonda presented 2 quotes that had been obtained for comparison on testing prices. The Board will review the quotes and letter for customers at the November meeting.
It was moved by Mr. Carlson, seconded by Mrs. Trahan and carried to approve the bank statements and monthly financial statement.
It was moved by Mr. Young, seconded by Mr. Carlson and carried to approve the bills as paid.
With no further business to discuss, it was moved by Mr. Griffith to adjourn the meeting at 6:00 p.m.
R.S. 44:33.1 – Public records can be obtained by contacting Rhonda Morrison at (337) 569-2110 or 6246 Gulf Beach Hwy. in Johnson Bayou, Louisiana.
Nathan Griffith – President
Connie Trahan, Secretary
RUN: Nov. 10 (N 19)