The Cameron Parish School Board will receive sealed bids until 4:00 p.m. Monday, May 10, 2021, for collection of approximately 3080 alligator eggs on School Board owned lands, at which time all bids will be opened in public session of the Cameron Parish School Board in Cameron, LA. Collection of alligator eggs will be permitted only on School Board lands identified by the La. Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries and in accordance with the number of eggs authorized by the Department for collection. Sealed bids shall be delivered to the Cameron Parish School Board office at: 510 Marshall Street, Cameron, Louisiana 70631.
Bids may be made for the alligator eggs allotted for the school sections in a designated portion of the parish as follows: On the West Side of the parish (ie., West of the Calcasieu River to the Sabine River) or on the East Side (ie., East of the Calcasieu River to the Vermillion Parish line). Based on previous experience, the West Side egg allotment has been 1750 eggs, and the East Side allotment has been 1330 eggs.
Bidder may bid on both portions or each portion separately.
The School Board may also be allotted additional alligator eggs for two section within Sabine Wildlife Refuge. The availability of this allotment will be contingent on the Permittee negotiating an access permit with U.S. Fish & Wildlife’s Sabine Refuge Manager.
The West Side and East Side tracts are more fully described as containing the following sections:
West Side; East Side
16-12-10; 16-12-3
16-12-11; 16-12-5
16-12-12; 16-12-6
16-12-13; 16-14-3
16-13-10; 16-14-5
16-14-10; 16-14-6
16-14-11; 16-14-7
16-14-12; 16-14-8
16-14-13; 16-15-3
16-14-14; 16-15-4
16-15-14; 16-15-5
*The West Side list of sections does not include the conditional allotment for sixteenth sections in Township 13 South Ranges 12 and 13 West.
Prospective Bidders should contact the Cameron Parish School Board Land Manager (Michael Cassidy) at (337)-246-0440 or email (cassidym@bellsouth.net) for a copy of the Alligator Bid Form.
The Alligator Egg Collection rights will be awarded to the bidder offering the highest price per egg (but not less than $5.00/egg) for a contract term of three (3) years ending December 31, 2023. (Seasons for 2021, 2022, and 2023).
All bids must be sealed and the envelope marked, “Bid – Alligator Eggs (May 10, 2021).
Payment of the amount due for alligator eggs collected on School Lands shall be cash payment, or a certified or cashier’s check or teller’s check or an official check issued by a bank in favor of the Cameron Parish School Board, due no later than September 1st of each permit year.
The bid shall be accompanied by 10% of the bid price (based on the estimated allotment of eggs for the portion of the parish bid upon) payable as set forth above. The balance due shall be due and payable no later than September 1st of each permit year.
Permittee shall enter into a contract with the Cameron Parish School Board which shall include the provisions of this advertisement as well as additional provisions as set forth therein.
If the successful bidder fails to enter into a written contract in accordance with his bid within twenty (20) days after acceptance by the Board, this bid may, at the option of the School Board, be declared null and void.
The bid submitted must include the following information: Name, Address, Email, and Telephone Number of Bidder, a copy of the Bidder’s Non-Game Quadruped Breeders License (Alligator Farming License) and signature of bidder.
The bidder must meet all necessary requirements for alligator egg collection permits/farming as required by the La. Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries.
The rights granted by this bid award shall be limited to collection of alligator eggs only.
The Cameron Parish School Board does not warrant or provide ingress or egress to said lands. Ingress and egress are the sole responsibility of the bidder.
It is further agreed and understood that this contract shall not be subject to mortgage, pledge, or hypothecation or seizure or sale, nor shall the contract or eggs be assigned or otherwise transferred by said bidder, unless authorized by prior written approval of the Cameron Parish School Board.
Bidders may contact the Cameron Parish School Board Land Manager (Michael Cassidy) at (337) 246-0440 or email (cassidym@bellsouth.net) for further details and information.
The Cameron Parish School Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any formalities.
Charley Lemons, Superintendent
RUN: Mar. 25, Apr. 1, 8 (M 46)