Cameron Parish
Ambulance District 2
CPAD2 met on January 19, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. at the CPAD 2 Office at 979 Main St. Hackberry, La. 70645
Members Present: Kattie Toups, Calise Romero, Kathleen Simon and Lynn Griffith.
Members Absent: Randall McFatter, Phyllis Doxey
Guest: Rhonda Coleman, Brad Lester and Troy Meaux.
Meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m.
Pledge led by Mrs. Toups
Prayer led by Mrs. Toups
Members approved the November 17, 2021 board minutes with a motion by Mr. Romero and a 2nd by Mrs. Simon and carried unopposed.
When ask there were no public comments.
Old Business:
New Business:
1. Mrs. Perry gave the payroll, bill and budget to actual budget report Mrs. Griffith made a motion to accept payroll, bills and budget to actual report a 2nd was made by Mrs. Simon and motion carried.
2. Mrs. Coleman requested the board to allow her to hire an architect to have some major maintenance and repairs done to several crew quarters and the office and with a motion by Mrs. Simon and a 2nd by Mrs. Griffith and no opposition Mrs. Coleman will contact an architect.
3. There was a lengthy discussion concerning CPAD2 not providing continued insurance after retirement. After discussion there was a motion made by Mr. Romero that if a CPAD2 employee retires with the parochial employee retirement system of La. CPAD2 would offer insurance to the employee until said employee reaches Medicare age at which time the retired employee would drop off of CPAD2 Insurance with a 2nd by Mrs. Simon and no opposition motion carried.
4. Mrs Coleman gave the directors report and a motion was made by Mr. Romero and a 2nd by Mrs. Griffith to accept the report motion carried.
5. With no further business to discuss Mr. Romero made a motion to adjourn and Mrs. Griffith made a 2nd motion carried and meeting was adjourned.
RUN: Mar. 24 (M 37)