Jeff Davis Electric wins statewide safety award

Jeff Davis Electric Cooperative earned the coveted statewide safety award at the annual Association of Louisiana Electric Cooperatives’ meeting in July.

The cooperative’s employees have worked 646,290 hours since January 2017 without a lost-time accident. This is the first time Jeff Davis Electric has won the award individually. The award is based on the cooperative’s incident plus severity rate. Those rates consider man hours worked, no-lost time accidents, lost or restricted accidents, number of lost days, number of restricted days, miles driven, vehicle accidents, and occupational illnesses.

This achievement is a testament to Jeff Davis Electric Cooperative’s commitment to ensuring the safety of our employees and members. Jeff Davis has implemented rigorous safety protocols and procedures, and the team has worked relentlessly to maintain a safe work environment.

“Jeff Davis Electric would like to thank all its employees and board members for their hard work and dedication to working safely. No one person won this award, it was won collectively among all the employees,” Director of Safety Ben Hetzel.