JDEC asks property owners for help

By Ben Hetzel, JDEC Director of Safety

Jeff Davis Electric is procuring the right of way for the 230 kV Transmission Project starting this year.

If you are a landowner, you may have received a letter regarding this project. While FEMA is assisting with the funding of the line, they do not cover the cost of the right of way or property needed for the project. Land right costs fall back on Jeff Davis Electric membership. Hardening our infrastructure to withstand these types of storms better is crucial, but it can be costly. We encourage all members to help JDEC with land acquisitions for this project. By investing in resiliency measures, we can better protect our communities and prevent future disasters from causing as much damage. It’s important that we prioritize this work so that we can build a stronger, more resilient Louisiana for generations to come. Jeff Davis Electric Cooperative would like to thank Sweet Lake Land and Oil, and Miami Corporation for their donations of property needed for the construction of the JDEC 230kV Transmission Line Project. These donations are a huge step forward in restoring permanent power to Lower Cameron Parish.