?Cameron Parish Beachfront
Development District #1
Johnson Bayou • Holly Beach
Regular Meeting
Monday, January 10, 2022,
6:00 p.m.
Johnson Bayou
Community Center
5556 Gulf Beach Highway,
Johnson Bayou, LA
Call to Order
1) Pledge & Prayer
2) Roll Call
3) Acknowledgement of Guests
4) Announcement: Attendees are asked to hold questions/comments until asked for. Should you have a question/comment, please raise your hand to be recognized. When recognized, please state your name for recording purposes, and then ask your question/make comment. Please make all questions/comments as concise as possible.
5) Approval of Minutes from November 8, 2021 Meeting
6) Old Business
a. Project Completion-“Welcome to Holly Beach” sign (Donated by Cheniere Energy)- Michele Long/Amy Miller, Cheniere Energy
b. Update on Holly Beach sub-committee recommendations for Zone 2-Mike Gaspard & Craig Broussard
c. Update on beach signs that have been ordered & possible repositioning of concrete barriers along Hwy 82-Russell Badon
d. Cheniere donation for improvements to LA/TX Causeway Bridge boat launch & adoption for quarterly volunteer cleanups-Amy Miller, Cheniere Energy
7) New Business
a. Budget & Account Balance-Michele Long
b. 2021-2022 Beach Goals-Submission of Ideas-Craig Broussard
c. Meetings Calendar
d. Just Imagine SWLA. https://justimagineswla.org
8) Open Session (Questions & Comments)
9) Pay Bills
10) Adjournment
Chairman: Richard Burbank: 337-569-2190 (Constance Beach)
Vice Chairman: Russell Badon 337-842-6751 (Johnson Bayou)
Mike Gaspard 337-889-6688 (Holly Beach)
Nikki Norman 903-754-6640 (Holly Beach)
Michele Long 409-893-2154 (Little Florida Beach)
Secretary: Cindy Snead 337-274-6438 (Little Florida Beach)
RUN: Jan. 6 (J 5)