Hackberry educators received $36,000 Sempra Infrastucture grants

In 2022, Sempra Infrastructure launched an education initiative with Hackberry High School to support teachers in enhancing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities in their classrooms. This year, the company expanded the program to include DeQuincy Middle School and a second round of grants to Hackberry teachers for $36,000 in 2023 grant awards.

“Teachers are our most important partners in developing students as our future workforce and community leaders,” said Kelly Prasser, Sempra Infrastructure’s director of external affairs. “Our Innovative Educators Initiative was designed to energize these teachers, giving them additional resources to enhance learning in science, technology and innovation, math, and engineering. We want to applaud them for being committed to developing our next generation of innovators, leaders, and game-changers!”

According to Hackberry’s assistant principal Paulette Campbell, the grants help teachers provide hands-on STEM opportunities that teach the subject standards and encourage students to become more interested in an area desperately needed.

At an awards presentation last week for DeQuincy Middle School, teachers were elated to receive grants to help them meet the needs of their students during the 2023-24 school year.

“We are so lucky to get this opportunity to help us purchase a digital curriculum program to meet the state’s new standards better and help our students and teachers,” said Tara Dykes, 8th-grade social studies teacher.

Prasser and the company’s community outreach specialist for the Southwest Louisiana region, Jeanne Trahan, presented certificates of recognition and the grants at events in Hackberry and DeQuincy Middle School in September. Teachers will use the grants for activities ranging from new online curriculum and classroom materials to field trips, robotics competitions, and teaching aids.

Teachers receiving grants as part of the Sempra Infrastructure’s Innovative Educator Initiatives included:

Hackberry High School recipients are:

Natalie Wallace, Stacey Chisholm, Lindy Spicer, Ashley Kaczynski, Anne Liscum, Benji Duhon, Dawn Kreider, Elise Stine, Stacy Little, Angie Little, Samantha Henry.

DeQuincy Middle School recipients are:

Dawn Rainwater, Jennifer Vickers, Nettie Areno, Scott Pousson, Tara Dykes, Chasity Grove, Neah Neal, Lisa Boyer, Mathew Mueller, Terri Patin, Amy Lorenz, Ginny Bailey, Linda Owens, Melanie Streams, Danielle Wix, Marissa Blackburn, Jessica Vincent, Charles Caldwell, Charles Carlin, Mark Peloquin.