Faulk places third in state braille challenge

Andrew Faulk is a 3rd grade student at Grand Lake Elementary School, who has been learning braille since Pre-K and he is excelling in reading and writing braille.

In the annual Braille Challenge, he placed 3rd in the state in his grade level, competing against 3rd and 4th graders all over Louisiana.

The Braille Challenge requires students to take timed tests in braille spelling, proofreading, reading comprehension, and other tasks. Besides the braille alphabet and numbers, there are over 250 short signs and contractions with special rules for how to use them, along with a special Math braille code which is very complex.

Faulk is an excellent student and has placed each year at the state braille challenge. He is the son of Carrie and Randall Faulk and lives in Grand Lake.