Election results

The unofficial but complete Saturday, Oct. 14th Election results from the Louisiana Secretary of State website are provided here.

Declared winners are told as well as candidates set for a runoff election.


Jeff Landry, R, was elected Governor with 52% or 547,828 votes. There were 14 others vying for the position.

William “Billy: Nungessor was reelected Lt. Governor with 66% or 678,521 votes out of a field of six candidates.

Races headed to a runoff election on Saturday, Nov. 18 are:

Secretary of State: “Gwen” Collins-Greenup, D, and Nancy Landry, R.

Attorney General: “Liz Bake Murrill, R, and Lindsey Cheek, R.

Treasurer: John Fleming, R, and Dustin Granger, D.

All four Constitutional Amendments passed.

CA No. 1 – Prohibits the use of private funds in the administration of elections – Yes 73% or 734,325 votes; No 27% or 277,560 votes.

CA No. 2 – Provided that the freedom of worship is a fundamental right worthy of the highest protection – Yes 79% or 805,6690 votes; No 21% or 211,625 votes.

CA No. 3 – Dedicates certain payments to be applied to the state retirement system unfunded accrued liability – Yes 56% or 559,537 votes; No 44% or 436,718 votes.

CA No. 4 – Restricts ad valorem tax exemptions for certain nonprofit organizations – Yes 66% or 661,328 votes; No 34% 340,633.

Cameron Parish

State Senator, 25th District: Mark Abraham, R.

Sheriff, Chris Savoie, R.

Police Juror, District 2, Michael Fewell, R.

Police Juror, District 3, Samuel “Sam” Bordelon, R.

Police Juror, District 6, Ronald Nunez, Jr., R.

Races headed to a runoff are:

BESE, District 7: Kevin M. Berken, R, and Erick Knezek, R.

Police Juror, District 4 (2 to be elected): Danny Myers, R, Kirk Quinn, R, John “Johnny” Watson, R, and Wendell Wilkerson, R.

Police Juror, District 5: Mark Daigle, R, and Earnestine “Tina” Horn, I.