District Attorney’s office has new faces

By Cyndi Sellers

W. Thomas “Tom” Barrett took the oath of office on Monday becoming the new Cameron Parish District Attorney. At that time, he introduced two new Assistant District Attorneys who will share the workload with him.

Michael Cassidy is the former Jeff Davis Parish District Attorney. He served in that position for 30 years, particularly representing the Jeff Davis School Board. Barrett says this specific experience and expertise, as well as his general knowledge of operations of a district attorney office will benefit the Board and DA’s Office. He lives in Jennings.

Chelsea Carroll Champagne was a law clerk with Judge James Genovese at the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and for Judge Jason Meche in the 27th Judicial District court. She has been working for the Gachassin Law Firm since 2018 doing medical malpractice defense and hospital policy and procedure, which will help with the Hospital District. Her litigation experience will benefit the DA’s Office in prosecution of criminal cases, Barrett says. Champagne lives in Eunice but plans to move to Cameron Parish.

The District Attorney’s office will be operating in Cameron as soon as electrical issues are addressed, possibly by next week.