All steps spoken for

The Cameron Preservation Alliance would like to thank the following for sponsoring steps:

Lagneaux Family for sponsoring a step in the memory of Evelyn and Aaron Lagneaux”.

Morales Family for sponsoring 2 steps! Step 23 is “sponsored by Coastal Cans, LLC Owner Brent C. Morales and Family Amanda ,BreAnn & Kanon”. Step 24 is sponsored “In Loving Memory of Jill Galyn Morales” on Sept. 6, 1972-June 4, 1993 donated by Brent Amanda BreAnn and Kanon Morales”.

Young Family and Harvest Midstream for sponsoring steps 76, 77, 78, 80, 81, 82, and 83, in honor of Trevor Michael Manning, Lainey Brooke Manning, Gracie Analise Boullion, Allie Denise Manning, Duncan Paul Young, Charley Lynn Young, and Paisley Lorraine Young.

At this time, all 96 steps have been sponsored.